MSME Sampark

  The MSME Sampark portal is a digital platform, wherein, jobseekers (passed out trainees / students of 18 MSME Technology Centres) and recruiters (various reputed national &           multinational companies) register themselves for getting employment and getting right kind of manpower respectively.

    MSME Technology Centres have been one of the key contributors to the Make in India initiative by contributing in various verticals such as Aerospace, Automobile, Electronics,         Glass, Footwear, Sports goods, Fragrance & Flavour, etc. These Centres are providing training to around 1.5 lakh students annually and most of them are being absorbed by            industry within the country as well as abroad.

    Skill Development is only one half of the challenge, finding the right employment opportunity for these skilled youth, is yet another. While major corporates have well-defined         recruitment processes with a national reach, the challenge remains for small businesses and entrepreneurs to find the right person for the job with relevant experience and         skill-set. On the other hand, the job seekers struggle to match their skill sets with the role, position, required experience, monetary expectation, location & industry verticals          leaves with too many parameters to be matched in a limited opportunity map. To bridge this gap between the Recruiters and Job Seekers, The Ministry of MSME has launched –           MSME SAMPARK.